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ECO-CHOCOLATE | 70% Cacao Chocolate Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Gift a chocolate that will create and everlasting memory!

Eco-chocolates are made out of the highest-quality Ecuadorian cacao. 

Its eco-friendly packaging consists of an exterior box made out of seed paper and an interior biodegradable protective bag. 

Our seed paper (also called plantable paper) is made out of recycled paper and chamomile seeds, so you can tear it apart and plant it. 

  • Orange & Coffee | 70% Cacao
  • Mint & Cacao Nibs | 70% Cacao
  • Plain | 65 % Cacao  


  • Tear the paper into pieces 
  • Place the pieces in soil 
  • Water daily for 15-25 days 
  • Watch your plant grow!